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ELM Series Linear Motor

ELM Magnetic Encoder   ELM Magnetic Encoder

Optical and Magnetic Encoder Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam - Elshin

A magnetic encoder is used to identify unique positions for the encoder using the magnetic fields. An optical encoder uses the same principle to determine a position as a magnetic encoder, but using the light (optics) rather than the magnetic fields. Optical encoder gather information leads to performance differences.

ELSHIN is one of the major Magnetic encoder and Optical Encoder distributor in Singapore , Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Kindly contact us for quotation.

  • High reliability from proven non- contact sensing technology 
  • High speed operation 
  • Excellent dirt immunity 
  • Industry standard digital and analogue output options 
  • Customer selectable resolutions from 50 μm to 1 μm 
  • Integral set-up LED 
  • Axis lengths of up to 90 m


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