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Cool Muscle

Cool Muscle 2 - Integrated Servo Motor   Cool Muscle 2 - Integrated Servo Motor

Cool Muscle 2 is the World's Smallest Integrated AC Servo System that combines motor, encoder, driver, controller, PLC function and power supply. Besides this, it allows you to save space from reduction of wiring space, cost, and also can shorten the development time.


Highlighted Features

1. AC servo motor with rated speed 6000 min-1and is able to reach maximum 8000 min-1.

2. Proprietary magnetic encoder provides a resolution of 50000 pulse per revolution (ppr) which it is able to feedback as small as 0.0072o .

3. Integrated Driver/Power Supply is equipped with a closed-loop vector control as well as control the power supply. AC100V-240V is able to connect directly without any conversion.

4. Integrated Controller with PTP programming and ASCll control able to give a wide choice for user to practise.

5. Tuningless based on a modern control theory.

6. Built-in PLC functions that can perform arithmatic and logical operation, multitasking control, and real time monitoring.

7. Interpolation that allows X-Y motor to draw a circle and other complicated design with minimize commands.


Types of Cool Muscle 2

C-type can be pre-programmed and controlled directly by PC, networked in multi-axis application. Digital signals can be activated the stored motion programs.

P-type can be used as conventional motor,driven by PLC and with the advantages of wiring reduction.

R-type can be used for interpolation function, especially for the use of CNC or any 2D drawing.


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