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Cool Muscle

Cool Muscle 1 - Integrated Stepper Motor   Cool Muscle 1 - Integrated Stepper Motor

Integrated AC Servo System

Cool Muscle is the integrated AC Servo Systems combining the driver, controller and encoder. Cool Muscle excels in performance, size, and cost efficiencies via fully integrated driver, magnetic encoder, and power management capabilities design and develop for motion control management.


All in one solution is the magic of CM1. We integrated an intelligent driver mounted on the back of the motor, a fully intelligent 32-bit RISC CPU controller, and included high resolution magnetic encoder with the resolution up to 50,000 pulse per revolution (ppr). Position changes as small as 0.0072o or 0.43 arch minutes. Wiring reduction, compact and simple system, cost reduction, and shorten maintenance time are the benefits preoviced by Cool Muscle.


In order to match the overall need, CM1 divided into 3 categories, which are C-type, P-type and V-type.

C-type can be pre-programmed and controlled directly by PC, networked in multi-axis application. Digital signals can be activated the stored motion programs.

P-type can be used as conventional motor, driven by PLC and with the advantages of wiring reduction.

V-type can be used to vary speeds and positions in proportion to voltage input level. Voltage controlled method.


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